You have reached the evaluation server of the South African Programming Olympiad. If you were looking for more general information about the programming olympiad, you should visit the official web site. This site contains more technical information.

Preparation for the final round in 2017

The final round of the SAPO is a lot tougher than the previous rounds, and you will benefit from training. The best place to start training is on the USACO training pages.

You should also have a look at the previous problems, rules and environment to get an idea of what to expect.

For more details on preparing for the SAPO first and final rounds, go here. You are welcome to chat to the coaches and other contestants on #algorithm@za.shadowfire.org.

UCT Algorithm Circle

The UCT Algorithm Circle is a group with weekly classes teaching introductory to advanced algorithms, which can be applied to the SAPO.

South African Programming Olympiad Final Round

Photographs from the 2013, 2014 and 2015 olympiad
Problems archive
The problems and solutions for 2016 are available here: Problems for other years are available in the archive.
Environment manual and rules for SAPO 2016
The rules are a good place to start, as they define the types of tasks, the running of the contest and the tools that are available. The environment manual provides extra detail about the tools, workarounds for bugs, where to save files and so on.
Links Page
Links to compilers, IDEs, manuals and computer olympiad resources - such as books on how to code algorithms.
Presentations Archive
Presentations given to the teams being trained for the international olympiad. They cover advanced topics; you should first refer to the resources on the documentation page above.