Local compiler switches

 $A$ALIGNAlign Data.
A $ASMMODESelect assembler mode.
 $B$BOOLEVALUse complete boolean evaluation.
Sa$C$ASSERTIONSEnable assertion support.
  $CALLINGSet default calling convention
d $DEFINEDefine a symbol.
  $ELSESwitch conditional compilation.
  $ENDIFEnd conditional compilation.
  $ERRORGenerate error message.
 $F Use far or near functions.
  $FATALGenerate fatal error message.
Sg $GOTOSupport Goto and Label.
 $H$LONGSTRINGSUse AnsiStrings.
  $HINTGenerate hint message.
vh $HINTSEmit hints
  $IFStart conditional compilation.
  $IFDEFStart conditional compilation.
  $IFNDEFStart conditional compilation.
  $IFOPTStart conditional compilation.
  $INFOGenerate info message.
Si $INLINEEnable inline code support.
Ci$I$IOCHECKSInclude Input/Output checking.
 $I$INCLUDEInclude file.
 $I$INCLUDEInclude compiler info.
 $L$LINKLink object file.
  $LINKLIBLink to a library.
 $M$TYPEINFOGenerate Run-Time type information.
Sm $MACROEnable macro support.
  $MAXFPUREGISTERset maximum number of FPU registers
  $MESSAGEGenerate info message.
  $MMXEnable Intel MMX support.
  $NOTEGenerate note message.
vn $NOTESEmit notes.
A $OUTPUT_FORMATSelect compiler output format.
 $P$OPENSTRINGSUse open strings.
  $PACKENUMSpecify minimum enumeration type size.
  $PACKRECORDSSpecify Alignment of record elements.
Co$Q$OVERFLOWCHECKSUse overflow checking.
Cr$R$RANGECHECKSUse range checking.
  $SATURATIONEnable saturation operations.
XX $SMARTLINKUse smartlinking.
St $STATICEnable use of Static keyword.
  $STOPGenerate fatal error message.
 $T$TYPEDADDRESSEnable typed address operator.
u $UNDEFUndefine a symbol.
 $V$VARSTRINGCHECKSUse strict var-string checking.
  $WAITWait for enter key press.
  $WARNINGGenerate warning message.
  $WARNINGSEmit warnings.
 $X$EXTENDEDSYNTAXEnable use of extended syntax.

Global compiler switches

  $APPIDSet application ID (PalmOS)
  $APPNAMESet application name (PalmOS)
  $APPTYPESpecify type of application (Windows only)
g$D$DEBUGINFOInclude debugging symbols.
  $DESCRIPTIONNot supported.
 $E Enable emulation of coprocessor.
 $G Generate 80286 code.
Fi $INCLUDEPATHSpecify include file search path.
 $L$LOCALSYMBOLSEnable local symbol information.
Fl $LIBRARYPATHSpecify library search path.
 $M$MEMORYSpecify memory sizes.
M $MODESpecify compiler compatibility mode.
 $N Enable numeric processing.
 $O Enable overlay code generation.
Fo $OBJECTPATHSpecify object file search path.
Ct$S Use stack checking
Fu $UNITPATHSpecify unit file search path.
  $VERSIONSet DLL version (Windows)
 $W$STACKFRAMESGenerate stackframes.
b$Y$REFERENCEINFOInsert browser information.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.